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Royal Rife Documentary


Thanks to The Solari Report that has deemed Royal Rife Hero of the Week!

ELANA: Royal Rife is definitely one of my heroes. What happened to him made me think of this quote from James Thomas Kesterson Jr.: “Great inventors today are killed off long before we ever hear about them and their inventions stolen and developed by the wealthy [and Freemasons] as original ideas. This is why America has not produced one great inventor in the last 100 years and will never produce another great inventor.”

The remarkable story of Royal Rife, inventor, designer, researcher. Royal Rife designed and built the most magnificent microscope ever! He also was involved in creating what became known as the 'RIFE MACHINE' which was manufactured for a short while under different names. Most remarkable, however, was his discovery that he could destroy cancer with his non-invasive 'RIFE MACHINE'. But as is the case so often, a great discovery and invention is stopped because of greed, fear, ignorance and avarice, as was the case here. This amazing documentary will make you think again when you hear that there is 'no cure' for cancer and other diseases.


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