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Russian Forces Take Bakhmut City Hall - Hoist Russia Flag over city


ELANA: The flag the Russians put up is the 1945 Victory Flag, the same as the one they put up after losing 82,000 men while taking the Reichstag in the center of Berlin in 1945. For those who don't remember their history (which is almost all Americans), the fall of the Reichstag signaled the end of Hitler and Nazi Germany. "The symbolism matters," Nat Turner reminds us.

Nor do many Americans understand the CORE of the present war going on in Ukraine: that since the end of World War Two -- similar to how Israel has been run by stay-behind Gladio fascists (Zionists not truly "Jewish") -- Ukraine has been run by Nazis in league with extreme right and extreme left Nazis in the U.S. posing as whatever will work as cover since the Paperclip Nazis were brought in by the Dulles brothers at the end of WW2, while Israel and Ukraine are used as headquarters for launching operations in NATO nations and along the Russian border. Russia is not only protecting its borders now but attempting to finally deal with "the Nazi problem" that the U.S. Deep State has been supporting all these years while Americans worship their own convenience and comfort and pay zero attention to the realpolitik destroying the Bill of Rights. Getting it yet?


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