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Scorpionic America


Hello again! I ran across this article online about a book that was published in 1993 by David Solte that lays out what I think is a very good case for the US being Scorpio instead of Cancer. I am currently rereading the Sub Rosa books and I thought you might find it of interest: I somehow got ahold of a copy at that time (and managed, through some miracle to keep it) and it appears that it's self-published, without an ISBN number.  I think he makes a very credible point, and for me it makes a lot more sense in how the US behaves and has behaved since the beginning. It struck me as very important at the time and it seems even more relevant now. I intend to reread it too. I never got very proficient with astrology even with some intense study for a while, which I now regret some. If you are interested I could have mine copied and sent to you. It so fits in with the Sub Rosa information that I had to see if you'd ever seen his stuff. I hope all is well with you - I imagine you're crazy busy finishing up your very pertinent book. I do miss seeing new interviews and I so wish someone would talk in depth with you about the "novels". I did drop Dark Journalist a line urging him to read them and have you on for a long format interview, much as he does with Joseph Farrell as your information would so enrich his X series. I find rereading them at this time sure helps me keep more balanced as all unravels around us - perspective is the key for me. All my best!  Kita We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep ~ Shakespeare ~


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