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Second wave- weather extreme for Thursday/Friday - Nothing normal - number of homes burned in Aamed


ELANA: Geoengineered fires AND controlled arson. Clever, huh, to confuse the public? Deep State assault. Note especially how FIRE IS BEING DRAWN FROM THE EARTH. THIS IS NANOTECH IGNITED FROM THE SKY OR ARSON AFTER SCALAR WAVES ARE LOOSED THROUGH THE EARTH ITSELF.

Lots of facts that don’t add up to normal or just arsonists and high winds (aplanetruth5):

9/12/2020 -- West Coast Fires Update -- "PYRO LOW" system forms -- Smoke forecast projections – Very Bizarre see minute 11 to 14 shows of over 400 tremors up and down California and Oregon… where the fires broke then out…hmmm.  Are fires coming from the ground? 

Subject: look at this weather change coming!

An atmospheric river will accompany the storm system at the end of the week, leading to heavy rain and flooding. Model shown is 12 Wed. GFS precipitable water and 850 mb wind.


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