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Sheepfarm with Elana Freeland


We had the great pleasure to record a podcast with Elana Freeland. Elana is what we would describe as one of the originals IN THE ALTERNATIVE ARENA, one of those researchers who have investigated A LOT, The Occult, MK Ultra, JFK, Chemtrails, transhumanism and much more

She is an author of many books which I will list now and put in the description too.

  • Sub-Rosa America Series of 4 books

  • Under An Ionized Sky (From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown) which gives you an idea of the foresight she has

  • Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

And her latest book which is out soon

  • GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM, How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism &Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology

  • She is also a ghost writer, and she edited the important works of James Shelby Downard for the book, Carnivals Of Life and Death: My Profane Youth, which is a must read.

In this show we sat back and just listened allowing Elana to flow, we hope to have her back on soon to chat about an individual subject in depth as we just spoke in general about many things

Her website is in the description

So sit back and enjoy our podcast with to Elana Freeland


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