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Southwest Airlines Offering Free Flights To All Passengers Who Are Vaccinated And Can Fly A Plane


Thanks to Cynthia Cox: "I loved the qualifier, “The CEO then mentioned other skills that were not required, but beneficial: Experience calming herds of rabid, sleepless passengers, expertise in flying through mysterious, invisible weather events, and the ability to land the plane.” Pray tell, Southwest, what are those"mysterious, invisible weather events” that you speak of?

ELANA: As you know, two recent trends may lie behind this Southwest Airlines offer: (1) Southwest Airlines canceled 27% of flights on Sunday and 24% on Saturday due to the fact that mandatory requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine caused a shortage of staff. On Friday, Southwest pilots appealed to the court with a request to temporarily ban the company from fulfilling this requirement. A temporary restraining order filed by the Pilots Association against Southwest Airlines in federal court; (2) VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required:

We are at war not just for the future of individual nations but for humanity itself. Have you realized the truth of this yet?


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