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State of Control documentary (English version)


Thanks to The Solari Report that voted this film 2022 Documentary of the Year. (It was then blocked from viewers of The Solari Report.)

ELANA: As I listened to Catherine Austin Fitts' opening words, I felt like weeping. The year I was born, this nation of the Bill of Rights was under severe attack by the National Security Act of 1947 and the founding of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). My entire life has been one of uncovering the truth and sharing it as best I can in a nation under daily attack via power lines and now wireless technologies like television, computers, and cell phone -- all engaged in various MK-Ultra incarnations -- and the worst and most insidious of all, the gigantic elephant in the lebensraum, geoengineering that has turned the atmosphere into an electrified transmission battle station.


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