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Take a breath and make good use of the Holy Nights approaching . . .


Thanks to Robert Young, DO, for getting the picture (and maybe the book?):

I'm preparing the Rudolf Steiner 100-page issue of New Observations art magazine for the layout crew. Ten articles, much art, thoughtful content. The announcement of the zine will go out to 132,000 people. If you know of where I can acquire the email addresses of Steiner organizations and persons, let me know. A hard issue of the zine will cost $35; otherwise, there will be e-zines.

Bless you all for your hard work and facing off the weapon of all weapons: FEAR. We are spiritual beings engaged in a spiritual war.

P.S. The fat lady hasn't sung yet. Let's continue! Maybe a book tour in the early spring? Let me know if your area is interested.


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