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The #1 Oil that Promotes Blindness


From London: : "The doctor will tell you rapeseed is a good healthy oil, no medical body has ever tested it and released the results, tread carefully with this oil as every 20 minutes someone goes blind in this country, and it is in many many over-the-counter cakes and biscuits [cookies]."

ELANA: STOP EATING ANYTHING WITH CANOLA OIL IN IT. STOP EATING ALL GMO FOODS. Corporations do not care a fig about your health; all they care about is profit.

"There is no such thing as a naturally occurring plant named canola, but rather a plant that results from the super-hybridization (genetic modification) of the rapeseed plant, which is a member of the mustard family. The name “Canola Oil,” which stands for “Canadian Oil Low Acid,” was invented because no one would buy a product called “Rapeseed Oil.” Oil from the rapeseed plant was originally used as a lubricant for steam engines and as a penetrating oil in the light rail industry. It was not meant for human consumption.

"Although canola was not developed using biotechnology, the majority of what is grown today is from genetically modified seed so that it is able to withstand herbicides. In fact, canola oil is one of the most chemically altered foods in the American diet. Almost 90 percent of canola is genetically modified to be resistant to Roundup. Because food manufacturers are not required to tell you whether an item contains genetically modified substances or not, it is wise to assume that if a food item contains canola oil – it is genetically modified."


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