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The Canadian Weather Modification FOI is Here


Thanks to Jaivir Baweja.

ELANA: I quoted Amandha in the latest geoengineering book for Inner Traditions (now with the editors): "This is hydrogel which comes from the 'black goo.' It is nanotechnology (mixing machine and living cells) invented to hijack your bioelectric field (more.gel.Ions = more gel ions). Skin lesions are attempts to reject the hydrogel influx. Hydrogel is the first big step toward transhumanism, and is in the shots, the tests, and the masks [she forgot "and in the skies"]…"

Amandha Dawn Vollmer, author of Healing with DMSO (Ulysses Press, 2020), graduated from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, with a bachelor of science in agricultural biotechnology in 2000. Trained in applied kinesiology and several vibrational therapies, she started YumNaturals Emporium Inc in 2012. She resides in Ontario, Canada.


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