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The devil's in the details . . .


Headlines like the one in this article can be used to alert the subconscious to incoming programming meant to bypass the cognitive center of the cerebrum. Newsletter: Stand for Health Freedom - We Are Not For Sale (YwGWLc)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Daily Newsletter Sends- Updated&_kx=gOapkMHDY2G0IzI3peiYCpC_MKKNt7w7QZzNcflTPMasby-Ao46hRNXEjcRJUBbL.K2vXAy

666. The Satanists play number games when they want the subconscious to know. This particular article is about the necessity of child sacrifice. Learn about the reality of the "old religion" and how it works to control the subconscious. Read Michael Hoffman's recent book to get the hang of how this works in our media-saturated culture and wake up what Steiner calls the consciousness soul slumbering in you.


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