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The Dutch Malaise

August 18, 2019

(Thanks to Benjamin Fulford for this anonymous “whistleblower” letter originally posted as an attachment to his Weekly Report of June 3, 2019.)

If these Dutch passports are found near Asian dead bodies, this can only mean one thing: that the Dutch Cabal government, through the Embassy in Kiev, has cooperated on this and the Kiev Nazi’s with Victoria Fucking EU Newland CIA war morons.

Since the coup in Ukraine was committed by the Deep State and the EU to give the globalists a chance to start a war against Russia, this war should conceal the bankruptcy of the Fiat Money System's debts, and make many victims.

Our politics deceitful is 100% involved in this to defend the interests (Shell) of a Fake King, who is not a legitimate heir of the bloodline but a fraud. The DNA of his niece, daughter of the sister of Beatrix, Margarita De Roy van Zuydewijn, has been tested in the Ukraine to see if it matched the Romanov bloodline. The test indicated that this was not the case.

The UN Crier Frans Timmermans had given insider information, and in addition to his function as minister of foreign affairs, he has written a book about it. When people started reading it, they realized that he could never have done this in such a short time with his function, which is why the book was taken off the market. For this book, he became the second man in the EU, directly under alcoholic Jean C Juncker.

The royal family and the EU are die-hard Nazis and are involved in drug production in Afghanistan. The Dutch Bilderberg Cabinet having previously concluded the Kunduz .

Agreement, drug production is now distributed by military flights via the Caribbean Dutch islands while banks launder this money for the Fake King and his Mafia Government in The Hague.

In the Netherlands, hospitals have gone bankrupt, producing heroin for this crime group, the Slotervaart Hospital.

Edith Schippers Minister of Health, her husbands, and politicians were on the board:

Our entire policy is so corrupt that they are even given housing for their services, which ruin us as a population:

Pedophilia investigations are deliberately obstructed to protect the Cabal Fake Royal Family, see case Joris Demmink:

The rape and murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was ordered by Fake Queen Beatrix von Amsberg from the Korlaar brothers, for which €500.000 was paid:

Now the awareness around the world is going to bring about big changes, which will disable the whole Cabal. We can’t wait for the Derivatives Bomb to burst, and for the entire Fiat Debt System to be replaced by a gold-covered value unit.

If you want an idea of what the Dutch Cabal looks like:

The IMF now admits the downfall:

If the new money system is to be controlled by the QFS to guarantee the gold-covered value of money, this will be the liberation of mankind.

We've almost finished the ride. The QFS [quantum computer] will take over the Central Bank system from the crash. This will ensure that we are rid of the Satanists of the Cabal. The possibilities of a Quantum Computer are at a level that our data system can be compared to the Stone Age. The new QFS system works with subatomic particles, which can even read the personal force field of each person and recognize their intentions.

No wonder politics can't be a part of this. All their intransigence to keep us in their power will fail; even the EU has been side-lined. The manipulation of Banks and Exchanges will no longer be able to function and can be switched within a fraction of a second. Forget the misery that Cabal member Mark Rutte has in store for us, it's not going to happen, if you pay close attention to what the QFS can do.

The old system is destroying itself. Deutsche Bank can be the redemption for us, where the whole old money system will be gone forever.

If all the sovereign 209 countries participate in GESARA [Global Economic Security and Reformation Act], it means that the corrupt EU does not get any money because the EU is not a Country but a continent founded by the Nazis:

Dr Rath's Lecture on Cancer and the Cause Uncovering the EU:

The approximately 100,000 sealed indictments from the Trump administration will arrest the guilty parties and bring them to justice.

Due to the actions of Prince Bernhard von Lippe, nobody signed the capitulation of Germany (the Hitler Cabinet) on behalf of the Dutch Head of State or Government and nobody attended the signing by the unauthorized German General Johannes Blaskowitz and the Canadian General Charles Foulkes. In constitutional terms, this means that the Netherlands has been a full member of Germany since 5 May 1945. Since no signatures have been made, this means that the Netherlands no longer exists constitutionally as of 18 May 1940 and after the occupation from the Hitler Cabinet on the former territory of the Netherlands continued after 5 May 1945. That is why in the Netherlands since then -- the Prime Minister, the ministers, the state secretaries and commissioners of the King or Queen, the mayors -- have not been elected but have been sworn in or appointed by the Head of State. That is why there is no Constitutional Court in the Netherlands, due to the lack of legitimate legislation and the lack of Democracy in the Netherlands.

The book also mentions the Dutch submarine K XVII. In a conversation with Ian Fleming, in chapter 9 memories of the submarine are retrieved in an appendix, the letter comes back to the incident. The decision to destroy the Dutch submarine was made when it discovered the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor on November 28, 1941. (The wreck was located in 1978.) “The Dutch commander, LTZ I HC Besançon, immediately sent an encrypted message to the British Navy leadership. This message was intercepted by the cryptographs of Section M that passed it on to General Donovan in Washington, DC and Major Desmond Morton of the American and British secret services. Both informed their leaders President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

These four people were aware of the imminent Japanese attack, which had to be kept strictly secret. At that time, 80 percent of the American population was isolationist and strongly opposed to a war with Japan or Germany. Roosevelt wanted a war with Japan but could not declare war without a valid reason. The surprise attack on the battleships in Pearl Harbor would give him that reason.

Queen Wilhelmina, successor to Adolf Hitler, appointed the first post-war cabinet Schermerhom-Drees consisting of ministers of the SDAP (in 1946 merged with the VDB and CDU in the PVDA), the CHU'er Lieftink (later PVDA), and RKSP (better KVP), as well as five non-party ministers, two of whom later became PVDA members. Under her leadership, the Hitler Cabinet was thus continued as an illegal head of state. This successor Hitler-Kabinet was a Fake 'Royal' Cabinet and is also called the 'emergency Cabinet'.


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