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"The intricacy of the human being"

December 20,2019

Exploitation of mirror neurons. "The intricacy of the human being" is not just vanishing; it's being replaced with BCI, brain-computer interface. Cyborg. "We have to make a choice now" 


WE ARE BREATHING IN PROGRAMMED NANOBOTS THAT CAN BE REMOTELY TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW. No need to go to a clinic or hospital to be implanted; we already are. The question is, when and how they are triggered.

Deliveries via aerosol, GMO foods, and vaccines are for the masses while individual "enhancements" will still cost a fortune in Transhumanist social credits society. My educated guess is that these already-implanted nanobots ready to do their remote AI master's bidding are more for unconscious enslavement, while bells and whistles implants like Elon Musk's Neuralink are for those with the means (and proper social credits) via new, quick, painless forms of individual implantation. Techno-socialism.


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