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"The Lawfulness of Lockdown"

April 11th, 2020

The best, most honest news show in UK!

At ~15:45, the article "The Lawfulness of Lockdown" ("a lot of gatekeeping going on"). At ~9:45, the issue of how with the press of a button, digital documents can be totally changed at will, meaning the public cannot get good information from government agencies, corporations, etc. Once again, we are thrown back on developing true DISCERNMENT (and I don't mean just intuition, valuable as it might be).

38:38 Who is in charge in UK? NOT Prime Minister Boris Johnson III who has been removed to CoVid-19 (pedophile?) hospital. It is Mark Sedwill, the head of UK's National Security Council (sound familiar?) "wrapped around the Prime Minister" not to keep him safe but to make sure he doesn't receive "reports from reality," especially from honest people seeing through the machinations of the Deep State. IS IT THE SAME HERE IN THE US? Is that why we're hearing more, once again, from former NSC adviser Henry Kissinger -- in league, I might add, with the world's corporate billionaires like Bill Gates? Gates is obviously receiving his marching orders from someone. Is it the National Security Council of the US/UK, which I am sure is ONE ORGANISM?

At 45:00, reference is made to the sanctioning of the UK radio show The Richie Allen Show, purportedly for guests linking 5G with CoVid-19 transmission or activation after the video by Thomas Cowan, MD, went viral when he quoted Rudolf Steiner about the true nature of virus, the video having been taken down EVERYWHERE but blessed Bitchute.


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