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The lost millennium


Richmond attempted to get his research papers on the solar tap to President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but they were immediately classified. retired U.S. Army Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Bearden was familiar with Richmond’s research, having studied Tesla himself.

In 1979, Interdimensional Sciences published a novel by physicist Walter Forbes Richmond and anthropologist Leigh Richmond called The Lost Millennium. So important was this novel format of a disastrous technology called a “solar tap” that sounded almost identical to physicist Bernard Eastlund’s High-frequency Active Auroral Researach Project (HAARP) that Jeane Manning addressed the novel in Chapter 2 of Angels Don’t Play This HAARPwritten in 1995 with Nick Begich. (See In 1962, Walter Richmond had been researching atmospheric electricity and Tesla’s idea of abundant energy from the Sun via the ionosphere—electrical current existing as a potential between the Earth and ionosphere. And the disaster that could follow. 1979 edition: 1987 edition:


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