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"THE REAGAN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT, 1981," an unused excerpt, Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History

Updated: Mar 3, 2021


Ronald Reagan was a naive man before becoming Governor of California, but not as naive when he was used by George H. W. Bush and "Big Dick" Cheney for the presidency. Once that was accomplished, thanks to GHWB's October Surprise, GHWB and Big Dick staged the 1981 assassination. When he lived, Plan B went into action, which was to mind-control Ronnie, including blackmail photos of him with little girls so as to be able to control his entire Presidency.

Reagan assassination
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From Sub Rosa America: . . . That afternoon, Scott’s brother John W. Hinckley, Jr. was blamed for President Reagan’s near assassination outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. A second gunman had fired from the hotel while Reagan’s bulletproof limousine door stood between him and Hinckley, what researcher John Judge called the shot from the Bushy knoll. Reagan’s Secret Service had made sure he didn’t wear his bulletproof vest, that agents around the limo left him exposed, and that the limo was forty feet from the VIP door through which he exited. Meanwhile, a cop, a Secret Service agent, and White House Press Secretary James Brady were being picked off by at least one .38. (Hinckley had purchased a .38 from a pawnshop on the notorious Elm Street in Dallas.) Using the mayhem as a distraction, a Secret Service agent threw himself on Reagan in the limo and shot him. The plan was to take Reagan to Bethesda Naval Base, but the wounded Reagan changed the order and made it to George Washington Hospital where he directed a D.C. patrol officer to find a U.S. ship that had just reached port and order sailors, not his Secret Service, to set up a 24-hour guard around him. He then placed the hospital under his command and swore everyone to secrecy, suspecting the worst . . . Thus began the contorting of conservatism into fascism. (Contorting liberalism into fascism would come later; the icon of the liberal left, John Lennon, had been assassinated three months prior by another .38 enthusiast patsy.) The near-assassinations of President Reagan on March 30 and Pope John Paul II on May 12 – 44 days apart – would illuminate the two Freemason pillars of the Jesuit- and CIA-run American regime. Meanwhile, Nancy Reagan abandoned astrologer Jeane Dixon – “forecaster” of all kinds of Democrat assassinations but somehow having missed Ronnie’s – for Joan Quigley, who then ran Nancy while Bush and Cheney ran Ronnie.


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