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"The SPARS Document,


Thanks to John Frink.

In 2017 John Hopkins Center for Health Security published “The SPARS Pandemic”. This document is described in its disclaimer as being “a hypothetical scenario designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges that could potentially emerge during a naturally occurring disease outbreak...” and that “The infectious pathogen, medical countermeasures, characters, news media excerpts, social media posts, and government agency responses described herein are entirely fictional.”.

In 2021, four years after “The SPARS Pandemic” publication, it seems to be more of a grim reality than a fictional scenario. Despite the unbelievable similarity this document has to our current global situation, this is nothing we haven’t seen before. In fact, a similar happenstance took place recently with another “fictional” scenario, Event 201, which also was spearheaded by John Hopkins Center for Health Security. The similarities from these scenarios should not, and cannot be ignored.

If Event 201 was the blueprint on how covid19 would begin, then SPARS is the blueprint on how it will end. We should all pay close attention to how these scenarios play out if we are to avoid the fate that is described in these works of “fiction”.

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