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The Toxic Truth About Vegetable Oils in Your Home | Facts Matter Exclusive


From London.

ELANA: Back in the old days of the Sixties, when I was studying Chinese medicine and macrobiotics, I recall long discursive discussions at the dinner table after we had finished eating and were drinking our bancha tea about the various qualities of cooking oil and salt, two essentials that often lead to good or bad health. Organic cold-pressed oils were at the top of our list, which of course would not be used when we were eating out (cost-prohibitive). As for salt, we all opted for Celtic sea salt at that time from Normandy, knowing full well that restaurants would probably continue the NaCL and not sea salt with trace minerals. We must cook primarily at home if we were to maintain our health into old age. In my tight writing schedule, I am often tempted to eat out but know that it means I will pay. Given that I do not subscribe to running off to a doctor or taking pills, I must discipline myself. How to maintain our health in a decreasingly natural lifestyle was at the forefront of our minds in the Sixties generation folks I hung out with. For the most part, I have maintained that commitment to this very day.


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