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Top Facts on Climate Controversy, Fully Explained - See for Yourself!


Thanks to Glenn Friendly: "Bottom line: THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – CO2 IS A BENEFIT – THE PLANET IS GREENING" ... Which begs the question: Why are governments, acting in lockstep, pursuing polices that inject people with toxins that cause more harm than good, whilst simultaneously enacting policies that reduce food production and cause massive increases in energy prices, causing global energy poverty? ...

So, on the one hand, you have a human race that flourishes when left alone, quite happy to adapt to whatever nature throws at it and capable of improving the lowest common denominator if left to its own devices. And on the other, you have a Cult that wants to reduce life expectancy, make everything horribly expensive via the constant ramping of taxes, and wishes to reduce crop yields and animal life by reducing the levels of CO2 that support a happy, prosperous and growing world population.

Occam’s Razor states: “No more assumptions should be made than are necessary." The Cult of Moloch seeks to lower the lowest common denominator; the human race wants to raise it. One is evil incarnate attempting to create poverty, sickness and despair; the other is the path to a healthy, happy and richer life for as many people as possible.

ELANA: No climate crisis translates to "extreme weather events" being manmade via geoengineering for disaster capitalism and to scare the crap out of people.


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