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Unstoppable Official Trailer #1 - (2010) HD


ELANA: Preprogramming back in 2010?

Thanks to Jim Shepard: "Tony Scott's 2010 thriller, 'Unstoppable,' starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, is about two heroic railroad employees who, in defiance of a corrupt and incompetent company management, stop a runaway train before it would have derailed, spilling and burning its explosive cargo of poisonous chemicals. In the movie, the town of Stanton is saved from being nuked and made uninhabitable, and untold numbers of conscientious, decent, hard-working Americans with their kids and their modest homes and unpretentious lifestyles are saved from being destroyed by the inhuman greed of heartless company owners who have nothing but contempt for the people whose work and whose honesty make their business, and indeed the very economic livelihood of America, possible..."


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