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Veteran shoved to the floor by police + illegal arrests at Hyde Park.

November 9th,2020

From London. Tough times. I lived in England twice. 45 years ago, I was living in a little fishing village on the North Sea in Yorkshire when we had a coal strike. The self-control of the British to go without heat and electric power in the winter so pregnant women, women with small children, and the old and inform could have coal for heat was extraordinary. They had been through TWO WORLD WARS VIRTUALLY BACK-TO-BACK and knew something of suffering.

Has the U.S. now chosen a trail / trial of suffering? Has it been too many years of allowing the Deep State to suck out what is precious in the land of the Bill of Rights? Is the U.S. submitting to the machine mind and puerile emotionalism for a hard road of slavery called freedom and fascism called liberalism?


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