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Thanks to Lucretia Smith in Oregon: "WEAPONIZED WEATHER…. EUGENICS… PROPERTY DESTRUCTION… USED BY SATANIC ELITES TO CULL THE HERD… Some tornadoes went 200 miles in their touchdown hitting around 11 pm at night when most were in bed, not listening to news and had no clue what was about to hit them… Over 30 tornadoes touched down at once. One only has to look at the NASA map below the admittance by our Gov’t secret rules in these 1957 and 1966 Gov’t reports to see how they blocked the winds coming in from the Pacific, drove the warm winds from the Gulf up to Illinois area and then took the cold winds from Canada and Alaska, not across but DOWN towards the south to mix with the warm winds creating the spinning of the warn and cold winds into tornados. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure their satanic use of the weather for destroying property and killing people and animals. In fact, they admit to having such technology: In 1957, the President's Advisory Committee on Weather Control explicitly recognized the military potential of weather modification, warning in their report that it could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb [William B. Meyer, "The Life and Times of US Weather: What Can We Do About It?" American Heritage 37]."

ELANA: This devil-in-the-details tidbit got me thinking: "The epicenter of the destruction was the town of Mayfield, a small city of about 10,000 people in the far western part of Kentucky, where the Bluegrass State borders Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas." The borders of four states, four crossroads -- crossroads being occult points of power. As I wrote in Sub Rosa America:

The radio kicked on with Martha and the Vandellas prophesying Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The young men laughed uneasily at the synchronicity, the Dutchman’s words ringing true. Ray had cut his chops on Robert Johnson singles and began strumming and singing,

I went down to the crossroads and fell down on my knees,

Asked the Lord up above for mercy, save poor Bob if you please.

West African religion believed Esu to be the guardian of crossroads, and in the old Celtic religion the unsanctified were buried near crossroads outside of towns. Johnson was buried outside of Greenwood, Mississippi in the Little Zion graveyard off Money Road, a mile from the Three Forks juke joint where Honeyboy Edwards claimed Robert was poisoned—at 27."


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