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Webinar | Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO


Thanks to Jeff Wefferson.


Representative Andy Biggs just introduced a bill to withdraw from the WHO. H.R.79 - WHO Withdrawal Act.

ELANA: The omnibus 1,772-page NDAA from hell that comes up EVERY YEAR with hidden clauses in it is making its way from the man in the mask who signs anything and everything from his masters:

“Important global health provisions to bolster pandemic preparedness and create new interagency processes for responding to international health threats from Global Health Security and International Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Act of 2022.”

It – GHSIPPPRA - is found on page 950 of the 1772-page NDAA with a shortform title.

A panel of citizen-experts, including attorney Francis Boyle, who wrote the implementing legislation for Biological Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, discuss the implications of this power grab by WHO. Start at Minute 6 -

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