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What is a Targeted Individual?


Thanks to Mark Anthony: "In today's email from Strange Sounds, the link below was included. Also, I'm in contact with several writers on UFO disclosure, and I've asserted that the vast majority of abductees are targeted by Secret Space programs (SSPs). Also, my recent speculation about sightings back in the 1890's of dirigible airships before zeppelin produced a dirigible has captured the imagination of the UFO community. I asserted that Germans are so vastly superior intellectually that they probably had a secret space program long before America, and the UFOs over Washington, DC in the 50's probably originated from Antarctica where Admiral Byrd's Operation High Jump was crushed back in 1947. That Aryan "aliens" are most certainly abducting people for whatever purpose is beyond my comprehension. Our secret space program is most likely competing, if not cooperating, with the Illuminazi flying saucers."


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