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What is Big Pharma, really?

August 4, 2019

When I reference the military-industrial-intelligence complex, I certainly include the powerful CHEMICAL / BIG PHARMA CARTEL that was behind the two world wars of the 20th century and now dominates the global delivery systems (aerial, GMO, vaccinations) driving humanity toward a Transhumanist redefinition (eugenics futurized). It is illuminating to study the Big Pharma DYNASTIC FAMILIES of Europe (known in conspiracy literature as "bloodlines") and their role in Satanism and human trafficking of children--for example, the Marc Dutroux scandal connected to fascist Gladio operations that in America have morphed into the so-called war on terrorism. See

Centre politique des indépendants et cadres chrétiens (CEPIC): The CEPIC was a far right think tank established within the PSC by PvB and de Bonvoisin to counter the influence of the labor unions within the party and to ensure ideological purity in general.It was much more exclusive than the PSC, primarily consisting of high ranking party members, financial interests and the aristocracy.


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