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What is the Shamanic View of Mental Health?

October 12, 2019

Oversimplified and ignorant of the new directed energy weapons that can target people and make them "mentally Ill," but still, understanding the "big picture" that real shamans function in can point us to the difference between spirituality and religion. I remember two separate conversations with two shamans I had while living in Santa Fe. When the topic got around to out-of-body missions conducted in the realm of the stars and planets, both shamans admitted that when they "got into trouble" with nonhuman entities, they called on Christ to help them, and Christ always came through for them because "this is his solar system," as one of the shamans reminded me. This is an example of the difference between spirituality and religion: neither shaman called himself a Christian but understood that Christ is a vast cosmic Being / Office. Those two conversations clarified this for me for all time.


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