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A Warning to Humanity

On March 31, 2023, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Dr. David Nixon, MD, Clifford Carnicom, and Elana Freeland met to launch what Dr. Mihalcea continues to present in video microscopic presentations about "citizen scientist" Carnicom's extraordinary investigative work since the late 1990s. (More than 100 scientific papers and photographs can be found at Carnicom's work represents a massive piece of the puzzle that has been kept hidden by marginalizing his findings and publicly ignoring him. The surprise for most people who have followed his work into the role of geoengineering in delivering the pathogen commonly called Morgellons (renamedcross domain bacteria by Carnicom) is that this same pathogendelivered now for two decades ties directly into the latest bioweapon assault on human blood (2020-2023) via Covid-19 inoculations, PCR swabs, and N-95 medical-grade masks. This piece of the truth still missing from the ongoing dialogue of awakening physicians, biologists, and physicists now bent over their microscopes is an oversight that Drs. Mihalcea and Nixon seek to redress.


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