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The Twitter files released by Elon Musk this week show that Twitter had a secret censorship team known as the "Site Integrity Policy, Policy Escalation Support", where Twitter executives censored conservatives for reasons not listed in the public policy and denied under oath.

We need to see all of it. All the blacklists. Every account that was reviewed by the SIP PES, who was suspended, the reason for suspension, etc.

There was a government conspiracy to suppress the reach of conservatives and the truth.Does it make sense why Elon faced such resistance by the Left from the moment he announced his move for Twitter?

Does it make sense why the Media turned the smear machine against Elon and began convincing their sheep Elon was a Trump-like enemy?

Does it make sense why the Biden administration are abusing executive power to monitor Elon and Twitter?

Does it make sense why the FBI had informants like Jim Baker on the inside trying derail the release of these files?


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