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Welcome to my books and blog site. I am a writer dedicated to grokking ( to the best of my ability the Time in which I have chosen to live. Along with the largest generation in history known as the Sixties Baby Boomers, I was born just after World War Two, the global elites’ deadliest military blood sacrifice in history (over 60 million dead, 3% of the world population then ).

 Barely 16, I was elected to represent Missouri at the mock federal government known as Girls Nation in Washington, DC, the same summer that President William Jefferson Clinton was at Boys Nation. Before we all returned to our respective states, we had tea in the Rose Garden with President John F. Kennedy three months before his murder most foul. Vice President Lyndon Johnson accompanied my gaggle of girls all week long, greeting me every morning with “What’re you gonna show me today, little gal?” (Missouri is Harry Truman's Show Me State.) Years later, I would contemplate this strange exchange. 

After returning to my home state, I gave speeches to the civic groups that had paid for my trip about my moment in the sun with the President. Three months later, he was murdered in Dallas and I returned to speak again, this time in rooms filled with sobbing Americans.

My Sixties karass (read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle if you don’t know what a karass is) overflowed with Renaissance geniuses who were far more than Newsweek magazine’s sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll generation. We were the avant  garde Sixties generation, PhDs and high school dropouts, architects, college teachers, yogis, health nuts, go-go dancers, and ace VW mechanics inquiring into the spiritual legacy of the East, history, natural childbirth, food, and quantum physics. We stopped eating animals and learned how to return to the land, grow vibrant vegetables, and cook brown rice. We lived as separate as we could from the military-industrial complex and learned to share what we had. We knew that the Kennedy brothers and King had been murdered by Allen Dulles and his Nazi CIA .

I spent 20 years on the Sub Rosa America series, ten of which were years of deep research into every nook and cranny of hidden and suppressed American history, from the non-American Revolution to MK-ULTRA and what really happened in Dallas. The same names kept coming up from around the Kennedy assassination, and everything was connected to everything.

In 2012, Adam Parfrey (1957-2018) of Feral House asked if I thought I could write a book about chemtrails, as I already had a file on them and on the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) up in Gakona  Alaska. Since then,  I’ve been focusing on the secret space program, plasma physics, nanotechnology, and the sons and daughters of the same elites I exposed in Sub Rosa America as they seek to weaponize planet Earth and turn human beings into “enhanced”cyborgs.

We’re living the 21st century version of the old Manichæan war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, the theme that has confounded and driven me since I was five years old, when my Rumanian Roma grandmother on the city bus told me that Dracula had come to America . 

Freemason Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis has become the Titanic preparing to slip beneath old Atlantean waters—barring, of course, a miracle human-made . . .