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Harry Blazer, If I Were King

In my opinion, Elana Freeland is an exceptional researcher and writer. This quite amazing Sub Rosa series is proof of that. The beauty of fiction is that you can speak of things that are real under the guise of the unreal. From my experience,

the technologies and capabilities that are described in this book are real - which explains why they must be talked about as fiction. Humans and human values are being challenged on all fronts. This series addresses significant assaults by the State and their psychopathic accomplices on our ultimate desire and goal - to be happy and free - and the coping strategies developed by some exceptional personalities in the contemporary drama we call life.



Grayson Porter

There is something that you are tracking. It is called The Ringing Cedars Series (now at 10 books) out of Novosibirsk, RU by Anastasia Moisey and Vladimir Megre. You mention the Mir movement. Well, they have restarted it and are now at 1500+ settlements called Kin's Domains. There is one in Pueblo, CO set up on 80 acres by Joyce Morris and her family (2015 note to be sent separately because GoDaddy Pod 6 is not cooperating), and another in central FL by a younger couple (I don't know its status). I have read the entire RC Series twice. Your books are like them. They make you change frequency and think differently. I am sure I will cite them many times and of course be in the Bibliography.

I have now read S-R America 2,3, 5 & 1 in that order and now I am 1/2 way thru 4. My editor is going to try 1 tonight. She's picky but as one of the first women building data centers in the 1960-70's, she is technical enough to appreciate them. They are AMAZING. There is so much info in there to process, I will have to start over again after the book is up. What I really want is to get my contact over at the Lee Co Sheriff's office to read them. He has promised me that if he is overwhelmed he will get someone else to read the books I give him. 

Harold Saive, 5.0 out of 5 stars Ionized Sky 

The Toxic Matrix

March 20, 2018

Elana Freeland has exposed an evil, satanic technocracy in the hands of the pedophile elite that intends to close the dungeon door on all humanity.

It's now clear that climate change has little to do with carbon dioxide and more to do with climate weapons and unexpected geophysical changes as the Grand Solar Minimum and magnetic reversal combine as multiple time-bombs promising a dangerous and unpredictable shrapnel of events.

Tesla inventions capable of solving mankind's energy needs have been turned against all populations as elitist networks engage in internecine warfare to take sadistic control of the planet.

Internet, Facebook and Youtube censorship is moving ahead full speed and there's a feeling we're racing toward a "final solution" or the ultimate False Flag. Elena's "Ionized Sky" brings the whole matrix together, hopefully in the nick of time.

The public's love affair with smart phones has flattened, self driving cars are killing pedestrians and we finally sense an awakening as perilous 5G cell technology and "internet of things" (IoT) is exposed as a global tracking device operating within a huge carcinogenic microwave oven. Are we done yet?

"Ionized Sky" is a book where the reader can begin in the middle or at a chapter of particular interest. If readers feel overwhelmed they can turn to "conclusion" on page 341. This is an excellent overview that may insert bookmarks of particular curiosity.

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