June 23, 2021


Today is my 74th birthday. I want to address a headline I just saw at Mike Adams' Brighteon site:


Situation Update, June 22nd, 2021 - Vaccine nanoparticles self-assembling a neuro-spider "operating system" in your brain?



in conjunction with Rudolf Steiner's commentary on "spider beings" at



At 48:25, Mike begins talking about a recent interview with Peter McCullough, MD,

by Reiner Fuellmich in which Dr. McCullough references how his medical colleagues appear

to be "under a spell," "hypnotized," "in a trance," during this COVID-19 "bioterrorism event."



Mike asks "Do we have a demonic infestation from the COVID-19 bioterrorist vaccine?"


Were these "hypnotized" doctors vaccinated with an operating system so specific 

instructions could be implanted remotely? If human brains are overtaken by such a 

technology, are the humans still human?


"Silicon spider" control system . . . 


In Steiner's lecture, he says, "All these unreal thoughts people are thinking

will be endowed with being. As it is covered with layers of air today, or

occasionally with swarms of locusts, the earth will be covered with hideous

mineral-plant-like spiders that intertwine with one another most cleverly

but in a frighteningly evil manner. To the extent that human beings have

not enlivened their shadowy, intellectual concepts, they will have to unite

their being, not with the entities who are seeking to descend since the last

third of the nineteenth century, but instead with these ghastly mineral-

plant-like spidery creatures. They will have to dwell together with these

spiders; they will have to seek their further progress in cosmic evolution

in the evolutionary stream that this spider brood will then assume."


Are these spider beings electromagnetic nodes among electromagnetic

waves similar to the Hopi vision of the Fifth Sign, The land shall be

criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web?


 “Some years before her death (in Dec. ’64), Dame Edith (Sitwell) had spent a winter in Hollywood. A meeting between the poet and Marilyn was arranged by a monthly magazine. It was thought their ‘opposite’ personalities would throw off some journalistic sparks. No one could have foreseen that they would become immediate friends, nor could anyone have known that their deaths would be marked in an almost identical way — while their legends were growing in their lifetimes, they had been taken seriously by too few, too late.

“By the time she met Dame Edith, Marilyn had come a long way. If she had not been moving in an atmosphere — much of it self-created — so removed from her beginning, they might have had nothing in common. But when the introductions were over, these new and unlikely friends were left alone and began talking of Rudolf Steiner, whose personal history, The Course of My Life, Marilyn was reading at the time. Dame Edith was to remark later on Marilyn’s ‘extreme intelligence'.” -  Norma Jean: The Life of Marilyn Monroe  by Fred Lawrence Guiles  (McGraw-Hill,  1969)


Norma Jeane Mortenson/Baker was a widow’s daughter born on June 1, 1926 at Los Angeles General Hospital and baptized at the Angelus Temple of Aimee Semple McPherson. On August 4, 1927, her grandmother was admitted to Norwalk State Mental Hospital and died 19 days later. When Norma Jeane was eight, her mother Gladys Pearl was committed to Norwalk and Norma Jeane to the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society at 815 North El Central in Hollywood, until her Christian Scientist Aunt Ana took her in. All three women—grandmother, mother, and aunt—had been used and abused since day one by their Freemason fathers and grandfathers, if not their entire Lodge.

Before hitting Hollywood pay dirt, Norma Jeane had known Beth Short, the Black Dahlia who hung out at the Owl Drug Store at Hollywood and Vine in 1946 and roomed at the Hawthorn while Norma Jeane was at the Roosevelt. Sometimes they worked the Ambassador Hotel and Wilshire Boulevard together on behalf of the Mafia-Freemason prostitution racket their beauty and poverty had earned them. In late 1946, Norma Jeane’s controllers cut a deal with Howard Hughes at RKO and the Black Dahlia killer was unmuzzled in early January 1947 to silence Beth Short for good about Norma Jeane’s prostitution past.

Marilyn Monroe, the Presidential model living on Fifth Helena, wasn’t unlike the widow’s daughter Jayne Mansfield née Vera Jayne Palmer. Norma Jeane had been married to a handler at sixteen, Vera Jane at seventeen. Both had been cult-processed. Jayne’s second handler Steve Cochran also handled Mae West, Mamie Van Doren, and Joan Crawford. In 1966, Jayne became Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan high priestess and then made the public mistake of calling for a Satanic religious service while entertaining the troops in Vietnam. Within the year, on June 28, 1967, Jayne’s head was severed in a car crash outside New Orleans.


       - From Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History, Book 1, "Gone to Croatan"

How shall I ever repay my debt to the only (to my knowledge) Christian initiate of the 20th century for the insights he has shared with the world? - Marilyn Monroe


In his autobiography, The Course of My Life, he makes quite clear that the problems dealt with in The Philosophy of Freedom played a leading part in his life. His childhood was spent in the Austrian countryside, where his father was a stationmaster. At the age of eight, Steiner was already aware of things and beings that are not seen as well as those that are. Writing about his experiences at this age, he said, “... the reality of the spiritual world was as certain to me as that of the physical. I felt the need, however, for a sort of justification for this assumption.” Recognizing the boy's ability, his father sent him to the Realschule at Wiener Neustadt, and later to the Technical University in Vienna. Here Steiner had to support himself by means of scholarships and tutoring. Studying and mastering many more subjects than were in his curriculum, he always came back to the problem of knowledge itself. He was very much aware that in the experience of oneself as an ego ["I"], one is in the world of the spirit. Although he took part in all the social activities going on around him — in the arts, the sciences, even in politics — he wrote that “much more vital at that time was the need to find an answer to the question: How far is it possible to prove that in human thinking real spirit is the agent? - Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib.





I want with cosmic spirit

To enthuse each human being .

That a flame they may become

And fiery will unfold

The essence of their being.

The other ones, they strive

To take from cosmic waters

What will extinguish flames

And pour paralysis Into all inner being.

O joy, when human being’s flame

Is blazing, even when at rest.

O bitter pain, when the human thing

Is put in bonds, when it wants to stir.

Rudolf Steiner, written two weeks  before his death on March 30, 1925

A few of the books of lectures by Rudolf Steiner

(more than 6,000 lectures in his lifetime on everything imaginable)

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)