My life has always known more about what I should be doing than I and my little plans.

Upon returning from a few years in England, I moved back to Santa Fe where I had gotten a Master’s degree at St. John’s College in 1996. That was where I met independent scientist Clifford Carnicom who in 2006 was still deeply engaged in collecting and measuring what had been falling from chemical jet trails over northern New Mexico since the mid-1990s. Under Clifford’s microscope, I watched the Morgellons pathogen suck the iron out of my  red blood cells. 

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Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons (Nexus, October 2014). She is now perhaps best known for Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, published in June 2014 by Feral House, and the soon-to-be-published sequel Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown about the resurrection of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) “Star Wars” Space Fence. She is now beginning the third book of that trilogy Synthetic Biology and Transhumanism. Her undergraduate degree was in creative writing with a second major in biology. Her Master of Arts degree from St. John’s College specializes in historiography. She lives in Olympia, Washington.

When I returned to the Pacific Northwest, Adam Parfrey at Feral House asked if I thought I could write a book on chemtrails , and thus it began . . . 


Elana Freeland Shares Her Backstory, 5G, DEWS And More. Backstory W/Kate Magdalena Willens 

Storyteller & Mythologist



I corresponded a few times with Dr. Gimbutas. I can honestly say that when I was teaching mythology and was a professional storyteller (professional = paid!), Marija was my life and mythology advisor. Needless to say, Natura the Goddess is under severe assault. It makes me want to weep.

Voice of the Goddess: Marija Gimbutas

Researcher: George Webb

In this video, George Webb does an outstanding job of tying together seminal events and personalities over 25 years of American history. This ability to do what might be called LIVING RESEARCH is rare, indeed, especially when spanning several layers of criminality over decades. This kind of research is what I have aspired to and what I attempted to exemplify in the Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History series.

"What would Solon have done?"
by Elana Freeland

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves To Death:

Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, 1985

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A conversation about reality - My Dinner with Andre (1981)

Andre: Okay. Yes. We're bored. We're all bored now. But has it ever occurred to you, Wally, that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self- perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing created by a world totalitarian government based on money, and that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? And it's not just a question of individual survival, Wally, but that somebody who's bored is asleep? And somebody who's asleep will not say "no"?

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The story of Atlantis comes down to us through dialogues of Plato, Timaeus and Critias. Plato tells that the story of Atlantis as told among Greeks comes from Athens' lawgiver Solon, who in turn had been told about it on a visit to Egypt. Recent findings on stone walls in ancient Egypt mention a seafaring people from "the west."


From Book 2, "The Future Arrives By Stealth," Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History by Elana Freeland

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In 1776, 99 percent of the Europeans coming to the New Atlantis were still Christian. Fifty of the 55 members of the Constitutional Convention were Masons, 53 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Boston Tea Party all American children were taught about was actually a recessed 

St. Andrews Lodge meeting led by Junior Warden Paul Revere. Freemasons and other secret Brotherhoods created new degrees and lodges for giving lip service to Christ the Grand Master, and steeples on churches (disguised obelisks of Nimrod the Builder) were added to announce that Masons had infiltrated them.

     Now it was the 20th century and the mightiest religion was no longer Christianity but the State, a Mystery Ship with its anchor in the sky (Ravenol). Navigating this Mystery Ship were the Argonauts, the argot naughts, ancient Orders whose rites and vows and secrets were strapped to the neo-Atlantean Ship of State like Captain Ahab to the White Whale. Are you on the Square? Are you on the Level? Brothers ask with an Oddfellow handshake, attempting to find out what position the other serves on the Ship of State.

The Deep State's Secret Weapon of TREASON! - Task Force Orange

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If I Were King:

Advice to President Trump, 

Edited by Harry Blazer,

Introduction by

Catherine Austin Fitts (2017)

Elana Freeland, Editor

Jon Rappoport


The Saker

Pepe Escobar

Dmitry Orlov

Sofia Smallstorm

Journal of first governor of Cascadia, August 16, 2020

For weeks now since the broad infrastructure collapse, I’ve been busy night and day helping my community resuscitate basic human needs like utilities, housing, food, water, etc. People have finally given up arguing over the CIA’s role in dragging down the latest President-elect but are still arguing over whether subsequent “acts of God” were intentional or natural, though I suspect that we no longer know what “natural” means anymore, given the geoengineering and GMO technologies to which we’ve been subjected for decades . . .

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. - Paul Gerhardt, German hymn writer