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RumbleThe one and only Elana Freeland joins us to connect secret space to synthetic biology, and help us remain human while it happens. Enjoy! :)

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Connecting Secret Space To Synthetic Biology

Public Hour - Elana’s new book - Dual use technology - Aerosols, GMO food, vaccinations - Radiation - Magnetism - Smart hospitals - Synthetic biology - The 8th Sphere - Geoengineering and cartoon clouds - It’s all about the blue - Plasma life forms - GOFnanoparticles - Morgellons - Old diseases made new - 5G/6G - Regina Dugan - Project Delta Tissue - The things that make us human - Astral lift off - Biofilm - Plasma body - The etheric double

Patron’s Hour - Astroworld - A great experiment - Information shedding - Serving space travel - Seismic - And so much more!

This show was recorded on Thursday 11/11/21 at 3:00 p.m. CDT1:00 p.m. PDT.

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Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology link:

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Geoengineering & Transhumanism / New England Legends Wednesday, November 24, 2021 Host:George Noory Guests:Elana Freeland, Peter Muise First Half: Writer and teacher Elana Freeland researches the accounts of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and directed energy weapons. She is best known for her book: Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth and will discuss the ways technology is being used to potentially dominate the population. Second Half: Author Peter Muise has been exploring New England legends, folklore, and weird traditions for 20 years. He'll talk about his work with New England folklore including origins around Thanksgiving, as well as hauntings, paranormal activity, and witches and warlocks of Massachusetts.


I rest my case regarding the existence of the human soul, how coveted it is by the entities called artificial intelligence systems, and the clear and present danger presented by the present onslaught of inoculations. WAKE UP.


" Scientia est potential "

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Let's reclaim our power !!!


This blog page is for my comments on events and issues and for to-the-point and thought-provoking comments from others.I spend most of my time writing books, doing radio interviews, and keeping abreast of the endless flow of emails and Facebook posts at my two closed sites

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Space Fence


What Is In Our Skies 

Global Providence Laser Earth Shield

Oklahoma Skies

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Morgellons / Synthetic Biology

Finding Hope with Morgellons

Morgellons Coverup

Skizit Gesture


Eleanor White:

Mind Control

Walter Bowart, "Operation Mind Control,"

"V2K Void to Skull,"!

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Elana Freeland Under An Ionized Sky 

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NOTE FROM ELANA FREELAND: Those who profit educationally from this site are expected to read my books Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014) and Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (2018) or ask your local bookstore to order them from their distributors. After reading them, donate them to your library.


With the completion of Under An Ionized Sky, I've begun the third and final book of the series. It will be on Synthetic Biology. All three books constitute a trilogy because the science is interconnected.


We are now seeing plasma signs and wonders in the skies. Please hone your perceptions and research skills (don't buy cheap!), then share, as we are ALL in a learning mode at this crucial crossover point in human history that we are fortunate enough to be alive for, even though painful, as well.


I seek educated activists, not emotional junkies or tape-loop, drama-addicted spectators. I work hard to maintain an educative Facebook page, so PLEASE do your part by reading, researching, and thinking ON YOUR OWN so you are not passing on misinformation. GEOENGINEERING AND THE OPERATIONS IT SUPPORTS ARE NEITHER A JOKE NOR AN ENTERTAINING PASTIME. All trolls and unmannerly are eliminated as discovered, and people engaging in personal chat are directed to take it to Facebook's private Messaging function.