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April 21st,2020

Thanks to

Frank Zweers

: "For those interested in the work of Rudolf Steiner. Over the last year lectures have been recorded and placed on Youtube. Listening to his work is a beautiful way to learn more about Steiner and anthroposophy."

April 10,2021

Thanks to Lucretia Smith: "I agree with what Jason Christoff says regarding small pox and how it is what killed the American Indians. It not only goes along totally with what Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman also find to be true, but what Dr. Zach Bush says and what Dr. Jennifer Daniels said about how she could find no medical scientific evidence in her research showing that viruses can kill. Louis Pasteur in his private diary said he could kill nothing with a virus. We are told lies, total lies. When will people get that? Even Aldous Huxley said modern medicine has done a great job of destroying the health of humankind, and no man today is as strong as men were in the past. Be sure to read points 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the following article by Christoff on the government collusion with Big Pharma and chemical companies.

FROM JASON CHRISTOFF: "The answer will appear blunt, but we're dealing with a bonafide death cult that kills to maintain control. The native populations held the ancient histories of the planet, which documented who this death cult group really was. This group used the same pay cheque and trauma-based mind control tactics to hire people to cross the Atlantic and kill natives in many places, not just North America. There were never 'disease outbreaks' in native populations because viruses and disease spread is a fabricated concept of the death cult. Viruses don't exist in the way that the death cult advertises. When the death cult kills, they always blame something else to project away from their mental defectiveness. Smallpox never killed any of the native populations. That is a lie. The death cult killed them, and now they're coming for us under the same pretense."

April 10th ,2021

ELANA: Staying awake? Long-time activist Harold Saive in Florida is. If you haven't heard about Morgellons in a while, you may be surprised that people are finding its filaments in the recommended masks AND the swabs for CV-19. This makes sense in that (1) the fibers are everywhere, and (2) Morgellons (with the cross-domain bacteria or CDB), following Lyme as a chemical-biological warfare pathogen, is the initial groundwork for the neural network in the body and brain that HYDROGEL now completes and the 3-STRIKES-YOU'RE-OUT VACCINE, SWAB "TEST," AND POSSIBLY THE MASKS provide the software OS for. The iron / erythrocyte / oxygen / coagulation similarity is a key clue.

Study and share the TWO following commentaries Harold sent. THINK while you have the chance -- the first from independent scientist Clifford Carnicom, the second from The Truth Channel:

Carnicom: "This organism disrupts and alters the state of oxidation in the blood" "The iron can no longer bind to oxygen at the level that it needs to"

Tim Truth Channel ********************************************* New Reports Of Black String-Like Objects On Masks & Swabs - Danger Or "Conspiracy Theory"? ********************************************* Mask Worms? Parasites? Morgellons? Moving Black Mystery Thread Compilation Part 2 ********************************************* PCR Testing Madness: Threads & Sharp Shards From Swabs Penetrating Flesh?! Why This Behavior? ********************************************* Interview With Independent Researcher @BTQ, Who Filmed The Moving Mask Strings ********************************************* Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs: Parasites? Morgellons? Worm-Like Micelles For Drug Delivery? (Tim Truth) ********************************************* Morgellons Mask Fibers - HWS ********************************************* MORGELLONS FIBERS DISCOVERED in Disposable FACE MASKS--- A disturbing compilation of several videos from different countries reveal what has been described as "Morgellons" fibers embedded in disposable masks that move like "worms" with interactive intelligence to outside stimulation. One woman says these are the same masks that children are made to wear to school.


" Scientia est potential "

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