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Fractional Magick

November 9,2020

Thanks to Alexandra Bruce whose COMMENTARY is the star attraction, not the short video clip. Alexandra points you to REVELATION OF THE METHOD and James Shelby Downard who gave us the rundown decades ago on how Deep State criminals and Satanists operate (given that almost all of them, and especially the media purveyors, are steeped in Freemason humbug, hoodwinks, capers, and dirty tricks, just like the CIA and FBI they populate). Shelby's autobiography is a great read:…/…/1932595155. For the essence of what Shelby initially pointed out, read Michael Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare…/…/0970378416, which you can also find as a pdf. (HINT: It's about your TV and why you should get rid of it before it atrophies your mind and cyborgs you in ways your iPhone isn't covering.)


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