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December 1st,2020


Hello there Elana, my best friend and I have been researching, watching videos of you, and reading your books and have learned a lot, we’re both 21 and have been noticing these strange things “conspiracies” since we were about 12 years old and have been researching ever since. I could go into much detail, but i don’t want to take up too much of your time, we’re always searching for knowledge and love finding new information and you’ve given us a lot of it and we still have much to learn from you, but at this point we just want you know your opinion on what we should do to protect ourselves from all this dangerous stuff that is happening now, we’re still young and want to protect ourselves so we can enjoy our lives and be happy and healthy, so i’m just wondering if you have any advice or percussions or anything to help keep up safe. Also do you believe the Earth is flat? Was t sure if you were on board with that or not.


As for flat Earth, that has been tabled for a much later time. I am finishing book #3 right now which will clarify how geoengineering serves the advent of Transhumanism. As for what you can do, there is SO MUCH, but it begins with a sound immune system so you're not trapped in the Western medical model and sidelined from what Life is really about. When I was your age, I studied Chinese medicine and macrobiotics with one of the 3 greatest teachers I ever had, Michio Kushi. Good organic whole food, learn to cook. Supplements won't do it. Intestinal tract health needs whole foods made by Mother Nature. No GMOs in your daily diet. Right now, you have youth on your side, but that won't last. I formed my good habits when I was 21 and haven't departed from them. No doctors since I was 13. Mental health IS spiritual health. If you have half-buried childhood issues that you find are crippling your ability to fulfill why you even came to the Earth at this perilous, exciting transitional time, dig into them and discover their messages. Don't think they'll "go away." Believe me, they don't. I've been "clean" since I was 45, but up to then I was plagued by the problems my family had saddled me with in childhood. Continue to look under the rug for truth. History will remember the past 50 years since JFK's murder as the Era of Lies. Hopefully, some of that is being dealt with RIGHT NOW. I am surrounded by mind-controlled people in my town and area. Wow. Do not allow yourself to submit to mind control in any way. Beware of electronic communication devices, they are all weapons, all compromised. I don't own a cell phone or TV, just my laptop surrounded by Reich devices. Bless you! I'm counting on you!


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