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NNI ~ National Nanotechnology Initiative and m-health - More Stuff The AGENT "Doctors" Wont Tell You


Thanks to L. Walker.

ELANA: Oh my gosh, more WORK from SABRINA WALLACE to unlock the crucial technology we are now subject to, locked up in concepts and words difficult to understand. Precision medicine / telemedicine, electroceuticals, "e-health care," telehealth / m-health [mobile] -- all making use of your body area network (wireless BAN) for communications and quantum sensing. Are you beginning to see how Transhumans are being built and controlled via what we once called the "medical industry" now become a weaponized warfare approach under the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, etc.?

I recommend listening and watching 3X. Can you see how geoengineering as I write about it is aiding and abetting this weaponized "medical" approach to Transhumanism?


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