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Psychiatric Hospitals And Tartaria | Mental Asylums | Sacred Wisdom Podcast


From London.

Migration From Tartaria | The Orphan Trains

Psychiatric Hospitals And Tartaria | Mental Asylums

ELANA: The Greater Tartaria of Russia! Insight into how 19th century elites gave the order to orphanages across Europe and Eurasia and produced floods to conjure three massive floods to drive the poor of Tartaria to send their Slavic and Turkish children (like migrant children today from South and Central America) to be relocated for cheap labor in what history books term the Industrial Revolution in America, mostly in the eastern and midwestern United States where industry was getting a foothold on the technological industrialization that we know all too well takes precedence in the elite mind over what is human.

In the second interview with Stephen Denman, "Psychiatric Hospitals And Tartaria | Mental Asylums," Stephen begins with a bang about the levels of trauma in orphan children that had to be dealt with one way or another. He then amazingly mentions the cunning elites and secret societies and how the elite occultists were determined that the adults from "this great reset" must be separated from "the occult technology in place [in Tartaria], the aspirations toward Christ consciousness . . ." Thus the arise of a certain occult architecture to sever the cord connecting these children to that of their Christ-consciousness Tartaria (far from churchianity), utilizing "insane asylums" for reprogramming.

Read James W. Lee's excellent book The One World Tartarians: The Greatest Civilization Ever to be Erased from History

History is anything but boring, primarily because it is still going on . .


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