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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

August 1, 2019

Chase P. TI .In my opinion, part of targeting individuals is the training of humans and A.I., and the roll out of a system that is going to be used on a mass scale. There will need to be well-trained people in place to maintain and operate this system in various levels of interaction with A.I. -- a sort of caste system, if you will. The more important people will be plugged into the Ferrari version of A.I. "life management" while people of other classes will be plugged into other versions, depending upon their “caste.” 

Where targeting comes into play is absorption of data so that the A.I. systems can continue to learn along with the human teams learning how to operate the equipment. Scientists, university professors in a group controlled by specific A.I., and levels of A.I. system operators are already interacting consciously and unconsciously, as well as your basic regular human being working at a distribution center. Needless to say, the people being targeted are getting the worst end of the deal, and for the generations totally enmeshed in the system, they may never know what they have given up or what people had to go through to give them a fully integrated experience far different from what we used to call “just being human.”

Targeted Individuals are the crash test dummies of the next [Transhumanist] “evolution,” thanks to the "full-scale anthropomorphic test devices [TIs] that simulate the dimensions, weight proportions and articulation of the human body."


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