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Thousands of US children underwent gender transition: Study


From London.

ELANA: I do not agree with Peter McCullough, MD, regarding virus [THERE IS NO VIRUS], but I most definitely believe his theory of autism / transgenderism from gene therapy disguised as "vaccinations" for at least two generations.

Dr. Peter McCullough opposes children transitioning to the opposite sex because surgery often cannot be reversed, and, after a month, even the hormones cannot be reversed. He said that transgenderism is driven by autism and is rising in lockstep with autism that is linked to vaccines. He reported that 1 in every 36 individuals is affected by autism. A large number of autistic children are now entering puberty and some have gender dysphoria and ambiguity, and they are suggestible. Dr. McCullough questions the fairness of having an autistic child undergo permanent gender change. 80% of the children who receive transgender treatments become sterile.

Thousands of US Children Underwent Transgender Surgery JAMA Study


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