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Unraveling the Epstein-Chomsky Relationship


From London.

ELANA: Whitney Webb has outdone herself in this profoundly important bit of the surprising history that has led to an AI-run world and humanity -- surprising in that Mr. Pedophile racketeer himself, Jeffrey Epstein, was a big fan of Transhumanism (aka eugenics) and brokered many a deal with arrogant intellectuals like Noam Chomsky. Read carefully! FANTASTIC. Though I showed the Chomsky film Manufacturing Consent to high school and college classes, that was the extent of my respect for the MIT linguist Chomsky, given that he has worked his entire adult life for a big military-industrial-intelligence complex player and that he believed every morsel of the lies told about President Kennedy's assassination. Basically, like Epstein, Chomsky blindly works for the CIA. (Arrogance always leads to blindness.)


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